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Documentary Filmmaker

Susan Scott is a filmmaker based in South Africa where she produces stories on wildlife issues for various broadcasters around the world.  Prior to her directing work, she was a film editor for 20-years cutting for some of the best wildlife filmmakers on the planet.  

Susan studied in the United States graduating from Baylor University with a degree in Telecommunications.  She won an editing apprenticeship in Washington DC with Tony Black A.C.E. where she went on to edit wit h him for several years before heading back home to South Africa. 

Awarded the prestigious acronym from the editors guild of South Africa, Susan has gone on to win several awards for her work, among them 4 SAFTAs, a Jackson Hole Wildlife Film Festival award and an additional 30 awards for her filmmaking. 
Susan directed her first documentary feature film, STROOP - journey into the rhino horn war which released in late 2018 to critical acclaim. She has just finished directing her second film, ‘Kingdoms of Fire, Ice & Fairy Tales’ which is due for broadcast in 2021.

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